Swarovski, Celebrities & Their Costume Jewellery Crystal

 Swarovski, Celebrities & Their Costume Jewellery Crystal

How does Swarovski create the finest costume jewellery crystal and which celebrities wear them? Many consider Swarovski crystal to be the finest in the world it contain swarowski  s 32% lead which makes it optically very pure. They are dazzlingly beautiful and contain mesmerizing prisms which sparkle in various ways when specially coated.   

Daniel Swarovski invented an electric cutting machine which made the production of multifaceted crystal glass faster and much more precise than ever before. Swarovski the company was later founded by Mr Swarovski with the assistance of Armand Kosman and Franz Weis in 1895. 

Swarovski has always held a great affiliation with the fashion world and has worked with designers such as Chanel and Dior to create costume jewellery crystal for specific pieces.  As a result of demand for their stones during the early 1900s they created the “flapper” which was patented and allowed designers to sow crystals on to any garments they wanted. This led to a craze which cemented their position as elegant and sophisticated fashion accessories.

In 1977 Swarovski invented the famous Cubic Zirconia, which closely matches the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds and revolutionised the costume jewellery industry. After the introduction of the Cubic Zirconia it became popular to make handbags and shoes draped with crystals as well as various costume jewellery such as rings and earrings.

Swarovski has acknowledged the power of celebrity in marketing its range of crystal and jewellery and uses them regularly to open stores. Celebrities allow people to connect with the brand on a more personal level and an endorsement from a trusted and credible person helps to spread awareness.

Many celebrities have used Swarovski crystals for jewellery and their costumes over the years including the late Michael Jackson who used them on his famous white glove, which goes on auc

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