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Users can change the background in their recorded video without needing equipment like a green screen. Support for simultaneous recording of screen and webcam video feeds, with a simple editing interface to mix the two video streams. This lets the author rapidly create screencasts, software demos, etc. This feature allows authors to change the background of their webcam recording without needing a green screen, provided they use a solid-colored backdrop which contrasts well against them. Authors can select images, videos or even the screen recording as their background.

How to use cdock for mac. Authors can insert quizzes within their video content. Adobe Presenter Video Express ships with a large number of branding videos, backgrounds and video filters to help authors create studio quality videos.

Smart Learning interactions Insert aesthetically designed interactive elements to your content with just one click. Select from a wide range of stunning interactions, like Hangman, Jigsaw, Process Cycle, Glossary, Accordion, Pyramid, and Animated Rollover, to customize the content and appearance.

Actors Tell your story more effectively using human characters. Select from a wide range of actors making various gestures to give your content a more personal touch.

Set actors against relevant backgrounds to make your scenarios look more realistic. In-course web browsing [New]Enable more effective learning by embedding a browser interface within your courses. Allow your learners to access additional web-based reference material that complements course content. Specify which section of the video you want the learner to view to make it contextually relevant. Provide users audio feedback for their responses.

User-friendly installer Get going quickly with a new, super-smooth installation workflow. Adobe Presenter identifies the PowerPoint version on your computer and installs the appropriate Presenter version. Default to the Adobe Presenter tab in PowerPoint when you launch the software. Microsoft Office support Convert PowerPoint slides, including objects, animations, and multimedia, into rich, interactive video presentations using an improved conversion library. Scenario templates Create scenario-based training with easily customizable templates.

Predefine outcomes and where learners can be directed based on their inputs. Importing questions from existing quizzes Leverage existing content and save time on new quiz creation by importing questions from other Adobe Presenter quizzes or quizzes created using Articulate. Slide branching Control slide navigation and titles, and create complex slide branching to guide users through the content of your presentation.

Create multiple learning modes in a single recording session, including procedure demos, simulations for practicing steps, and assessments. Creating question pools Organize questions into groups and make them available as question pools. Specify the quantity of questions you want to include to have Adobe Presenter select questions randomly at output.

Multilingual support Get full support for converting presentations authored in multiple languages. Synchronized multimedia Link movies to viewer controls so that when the viewer pauses a presentation, all embedded animations and videos are paused, and resume when presentation playback continues. Pause-and-resume support Make your content more mobile with the ability to pause on one device and resume anywhere, anytime on a tablet using a web browser.

Choose from attractive, professionally designed themes that blend backgrounds, styles, fonts, and layouts. Adobe Presenter Video Express is a simple tool that lets you create interactive videos for training and education in a few clicks, right from your desktop. Special upgrade pricing is available to customers who have valid licenses for Adobe Captivate release and want to upgrade to the release of Adobe Captivate. Alternatively, you may subscribe to Adobe Captivate in a pay-as-you-go model so that you always have access to the latest version.

The release of Adobe Captivate lets you create all kinds of fully-responsive eLearning content with a smart authoring tool. Amplify video-based learning by easily adding interactivity to videos, that you record yourself, or bring in from YouTube, and drive up learner engagement. For a list of all features click here.

Users can also deliver content through standard web browsers and track and manage courses and learners by publishing Adobe Captivate files directly to Adobe Captivate Prime.

The release of Adobe Captivate automatically generates the manifest file—an XML document that contains all the data required by the LMS to communicate with Adobe Captivate content. Users can call Adobe Captivate from within Adobe Presenter to record simulations. You can import projects created in Microsoft PowerPoint. The release of Adobe Captivate now lets you create all kind of responsive eLearning content including interactive video-based learning with just one tool.

Take advantage of a smart authoring platform that helps you slash the time and effort to create various types of responsive eLearning and mLearning content including software simulations, HD product demos, compliance training and more. From storyboarding to storytelling, do it all with just one tool. The release of Adobe Captivate supports right-to-left languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu. All editions include a completely localized user interface and documentation.

Authors can customize the AutoText caption file to support additional languages. Prices listed in this section are the Adobe direct store prices in the United States. Reseller prices may vary. Prices do not include tax or shipping and handling. Users of Macromedia Captivate, or Adobe Captivate 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5. Check the Adobe Volume Licensing page for more details. You can download a free, fully functional day trial version of the release of Adobe Captivate.

For answers to commonly asked customer service questions, visit the Customer Service page. For answers to commonly asked technical support questions, visit the support page.

The computer with Adobe Captivate installed must connect to the Internet at least once within 30 days of the first launch of your serialized product.

You don’t have to do anything to activate. The product must connect to the Internet at least one time within 30 days of the first launch of your serialized product. If the product has not been activated within 30 days, the application does not launch until an Internet connection is detected, and the software can be activated.

The software silently tries to connect to the Internet to activate for 7 days after the first launch of your serialized product.

If the software has not been activated within the 7 days, you receive a reminder for the next 23 days on every launch that the computer must connect to the Internet and activate the software. As soon as the software detects an Internet connection, it silently activates the product. Activation of the product via the Internet is required for the release of Adobe Captivate.

If your system is connected to the Internet and you receive an activation reminder, contact your local Customer Service for assistance. If your system is connected to the Internet and you have received a reminder to activate your product, contact your local Customer Service. All Adobe Captivate users must activate their products. If your company has firewall restrictions that prevent the computers from connecting to the Internet, have your IT administrator contact your local Customer Service.

The release of Adobe Captivate must be activated on every computer on which it is installed for continued use of the software. After recording, you can choose to display the Presenter, the presentation, or both in different parts of the video. When you launch Adobe Presenter Video Express with webcam connected to your computer, you see two lines on the webcam capture area.

Only the webcam capture between these two lines is displayed in the side by side layouts Both Presenter and Presentation layouts. To pause the recording, press the Pause icon that appears in the grayed out recording screen that appears at the center of your monitor screen.

Note : When you Pause recording, this mouse movement action is recorded along with your main recording. You can use the trim option to trim this part of the recording. Adobe Presenter Video Express window appears. The first and last parts of the video are the default branding settings. You can change the branding to include your own brand videos at the beginning and end of the recorded video.

You can delete, rename or duplicate any of your recorded projects thumbnails that appear in Recent Projects part of Recording video screen. You can perform this task in My Projects window. To do this, click the three dots at the bottom right corner of the thumbnail, adjacent to your recent project name. Select Camera. Click the video camera icon at the bottom of the create new project window as shown in the snapshot below. The names of the cameras that are currently connected to your computer are displayed as popup.

Click one of the options. Select Microphone. Click the microphone icon at the bottom of the create new project window as shown in the snapshot below.

The names of the microphones that are currently available on your computer are displayed as popup. Click one of the options if you want to record audio along with the video. Click None if you do not want to record audio along with the video. From Adobe Presenter 10 onwards, by default HD resolution will be used for recording videos.

If there is no HD support in the computer, the nearest SD resolution will be used. Change Display Resolution During Recording. Click and select Preferences. In Preferences window, select Miscellaneous Preferences , and click the checkbox next to Change Display Resolution during recording to let Adobe Presenter Video Express automatically change the resolution of your monitor screen during recording. Adobe Presenter Video Express will switch resolution to x if it is supported, else x The resolution changes when you click to create new project.

In Recent Projects section, choose the project in which you want to record additional video. The project opens in Edit mode. If the existing project was recorded using a webcam, you require a webcam to record additional video too.

Click Play and pause click Play again the video at the point where you want to insert additional video. Alternatively, you can move the playhead to the exact point on the timeline where you want to insert the video. Perform the steps on your computer and click DONE when you have completed recording the content. Presenter Video Express offers some simple yet powerful options to enable you to customize the appearance of your module. Timeline shows you the entire video clip in the form of a colored rectangular bar.

If you have used multiple layouts in the project, this rectangle is divided into many rectangles with different colors. The layouts are color-coded to help you instantly identify the allocation of the layouts in the video.

The Timeline also shows the audio waveform of the audio clip recorded with the video. The rectangular bar video clip is prefixed and suffixed with the default branding videos. You can remove these videos or choose different videos using the Branding panel.

For more information, see Edit video theme. Default branding video at the beginning of the video B. Light blue timeline indicating presenter and presentation mode C.

Green timeline indicating Presentation only mode D. Yellow timeline indicating presenter only mode. An external video added to the timeline is indicated by a darker shade.

If you add an external video in presentation only mode, then the timeline is a dark green. If you add an external video in presenter and presentation only mode, then the timeline is a dark blue. And if you add an external video in presenter only mode, the timeline turns dark yellow in color. In different modes, the timeline contains different indicators showing the different locations where edits are made. For example, if you are in pan and zoom mode, you can see all the locations on the timeline where you have added pan and zoom effects.

And if you are in annotations mode, you can see on the timeline all the annotations you have added. However, you cannot see the other type of effects you have added. Additionally, the right of the timeline has a zoom slider that allows you to magnify the timeline allowing you to edit the video at very granular levels. For example, while choosing the Trim region, you can drag the playhead from 5 seconds to 6 seconds at a lower zoom level.

You can drag it from 5 seconds to 5.


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Adobe Presenter lets you create contents that are ideal for distance learning and teaching. In only a few steps you’ll be able to create your own lessons on HD video or design interactive presentations with questionnaires. Thus, for example, after finishing a PowerPoint presentation we’ll be able to add animations, questionnaires or narrations , among many other things, from a very simple and intuitive interface.

Adobe Presenter is the appropriate tool for those people that want to create courses and dynamic contents, without having any coding or design knowledge.

Adobe Presenter is an ideal application for training, education and marketing , due to its versatility and how easy it is to use. When stop 30 days of trial version, how many we will pay for fee? Adobe Presenter is and ideal tool for teaching Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:. The trial version can be used for 30 days. Requires Microsoft PowerPoint , or 32 bits for installations of Adobe Presenter 32 bits and Microsoft PowerPoint or 64 bits for installations of Adobe Presenter 64 bits.

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